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Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, July 12, 2008

IMG_0051 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

I was out at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, yesterday, with my daughters. The exhibition started on Friday and will close tomorrow at 6PM, at Nathan Phillips Square -- promising to stay open even if it rains. As usual, there was a mix of art -- from drawing, painting & photography, to jewelry, fibre and ceramics. I tend to give more credence to the former -- it feeling more like real art to me, rather than the functional stuff. Real art is useless. It's to be appreciated despite the lack of function.

Regardless, I wandered around and took in most of the exhibitors. The following are the ones that appealed to me.

Eagle River - Oil Tank11x17.jpg
Steve Jacobs Photography -- Jacobs' subjects are what appeals to me. It's something I'm interested in doing myself. He explores the abandoned artefacts of human habitation. It's almost archeological, his photography.

IMG_0053 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
Joanna Strong -- Strong paints, among other things, rubber band balls. I'm not entirely sure what's fascinating about rubber band balls, but the paintings looked cool -- and they were all done in oils.

Jerome Bourque
Jérôme Bourque -- is a French photographer who shoots some really weird subjects. I like how he juxtapose different elements in his photography. Totally cool, and jarring.

Jorgen Lauritzen
Jorgen Lauritzen -- Lauritzen is a painter that likes industrial subjects. He doesn't have a website, and I couldn't find any other examples of his work, other than the above. I remember seeing the above painting (or something quite similar) -- but I don't remember much more of his art. Dude, get a website, not just LinkedIn.

The Green Room
Tammy Hoy's Forgotten Spaces -- I'm starting to see a pattern in my photography preference here ... I seem to like rust, dilapidation and industrial wastelands. Hoy's photography is just that. Things left behind by people, and slowly being returned to nature. I find such photography cool for some reason.

Ghost Town Car
Robert Dyke's Rust & Relics -- Dyke and Hoy must know each other. They photograph similar subjects. And yet again, I enjoy seeing human remnants being reclaimed by nature.

Catherine Hibbits
Catherine Hibbits -- Hibbits works with glass, and while it's not a medium I care much for, she did have a couple of glass art pieces I liked. She had a couple of vases out, with silhouettes of walking figures on them. I liked those.

Russell Brohier -- Brohier is a fine art photographer ... whatever that is. The stuff of his that I enjoyed, was again the rusted, abandoned human spaces. Maybe it's just me, but this seemed to be the subject for a lot of photographers at the exhibit. I wonder if it's a reflection of a broader undercurrent running through society. After all, aren't artists supposed to be reflecting back to society what society seems in capable of articulating?

Rebecca Codack
Rebecca Codack -- Codack is a painter, capturing on canvas, what she finds in nature. I was especially taken by her flowers.

Robert Farmer
Robert Farmer -- Farmer likes hot dogs. He had a hot dog nailed to a cross; and a hot dog featured in his take of the last supper. OK, I'll admit it ... it was the last supper that I loved.

IMG_0074 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
Eric Cator -- Cator is a photographer and artist. He paints, sketches and takes photos. I really liked his paintings of people standing around. The one with the guy holding the boom mike to the fire hydrant appealed to me for some bizarre reason.

Sara Golish
Sara Golish -- Golish had some really stunning paints in the fantasy genre. She had a mermaid, fairy, nymph, earth goddess ... some really amazing pieces. She rendered them with oils, and the figures just came to life. She is very skilled at life art.

Rob Croxford
Rob Croxford -- Croxford had some of his urban series on display ... and I found out by visiting his site, that 10% of the proceeds from the series are being donated to the David Suzuki Foundation -- which is pretty cool.

IMG_0067 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
Vanessa Rieger -- Rieger has a thing about the neighbourhood watch program. She's made buttons, t-shirts and yes, even art. Her art is cool.

Jos? Enr?quez
José Enríquez -- Enríquez is an Ecuadorian who produces really colourful art, leaning towards the fantastic. I especially like his use of bells in his art.

Mathew Borrett
Mathew Borrett -- Borrett has created some very detailed pieces of work. His work draws you in to study the details, but hides the secrets.

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